About Us

Are you ready to go global?

When creating a strong international presence there are numerous things to think about when selling and marketing in another country and these factors must be considered carefully
Al Bastaki Business Services is the best place to enhance your business performance in Dubai and the wider UAE.

1. Time to see the Specialist

Our team of International business consultants share their insights on what it takes to break down your company's national borders and run a successful Middle East operation. Will advise and guide you through the entire process of setting up the profitable company.

2. Authorization

Al Bastaki Business Services is accredited by Department of Economic Development, Dubai Municipality, Ministry of Labour, Department of Immigration and Nationality - Dubai, Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Dubai, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Postal Services in UAE and is the member of Mohammed Bin Rashid Est. For Young Business Leaders.

3. Access to global opportunities

The overriding reason to go global, of course, it to improve your potential for expansion and growth. Visibility on the Dubai fast-growing market where each significant brand tries to be present opens you the road to any other market worldwide.

4. Firestarter Session

We always invite you to meet and discuss your exact needs and how we can help. Please do not hesitate to contact us through the channels described in the Contact Us section.

5. Trusted advice, imaginative solutions

Our team of skilled and experienced consultants conduct market research and identify markets specifically for your products and services. Our multilingual team will help you with the abolition of language and cultural barriers.

6. Adding value not complication

We build the relationship based on trust and expertise, we treat every situation as unique and will build a team around you to deliver creative, entrepreneurial advice that you can trust.

7. The world's best market test is ... benefits

International marketing provides a host of benefits to a business, from helping to broaden the customer base to improving the reputation of the brand, improve the return on capital, to diversify the revenue stream and give a business the distinct advantage of connecting with new customers and new business partners. Simple: the more "places" your business is, the more connections it can make.

8. Cost Reducing

How to become more cost effective, how to implement strategies for reducing and controlling operating costs, find potential savings in the financially challenging environment by using principled and sustainable ways to reduce costs like a budget which provides useful tools for allocating resources, setting standards, evaluating performance, and controlling cost, the review of purchasing procedures, consolidations and combine activities, analyzing an expense categories and define the areas where the costs can be reduced.

9. Keeping the finger on the pulse

We keep our clients updated with regular news and relevant topics about the market, various research reports and guides, social media and blog articles. This means we are modern, social orientated and not only support our clients with the new laws and regulations but also inspire them with the fresh business opportunities and ideas.

10. Thank You

We strongly believe that as long as we met or exceeded our customers’ expectations, they would be a satisfied customer. And… as a satisfied customer, they would continue to do business with us. We leverage the culture of our service to improve customer satisfaction ... so that new customers continue to stay with us and tell others about our products.