Procedures & Process Reviews

Developing processes, procedures and standards is particularly important if you are in the early stages of establishing a business or when you are trying to set up the business on the new ground.

Business processes, procedures and standards are vital for training staff and induction programs, as well as formal processes like staff performance reviews.

Having formalised processes and procedures for your business can save you time and money by increasing efficiency

How we can help?

1. Mapping and Improving the Processes in Your Organization

2. Understanding and Communicating how a Process Works

3. Define and analyze processes, measure the existing system by:
  • Communicate steps to other people involved in a process
  • Standardize a process
  • Improve a process
  • Identify a routine or situation that regularly causes stress

  • 4. Define the goals of the improvement activity by Cause and Effect Analysis

    5. A counter-measure analysis which is tool to prevent the problem from recurring.

    6. Reviews cycle time reduction, and cost savings, identifies and eliminates costs which provide no value to customers.

    7. Improve the system. Be creative in finding new ways to do things better, cheaper, or faster. Use project management and other planning and management tools to implement the new approach. Use statistical methods to validate the improvement.

    8. Control the new system. Institutionalize the improved system by modifying compensation and incentive systems, policies, procedures, budgets, operating instructions and other management systems.

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