Make it „not my problem”

Hire the consultant who has a deep understanding of that specific region and functional know-how solutions for majority of your questions:

  • Why does my businesses need International Marketing?
  • What are the characteristics of my target market?
  • What is the best promotional strategy to use?
  • What kind of licencing and permits do i need? What are the taxes and fees?
  • Who are my target customers and where are they located? What is their taste?
  • How will i price your products and services?
  • How do my competitors approach the market?
  • What is your product or service and how must it be adapted to the market?
  • In what language i will operate? What are regional values and customer habits?
  • What pricing strategy will i use? What about supply and demand?
  • How and where will i deliver or distribute my product or service?
  • How complex are international transactions? Financial transactions and banking?
  • What are political and legal factors, law or currency risk?
  • Does my staff have the necessary skills?
  • Have I planned my business, market, account and sales calls?
  • What is the required documentation?
  • Have I selected a partner to create a stronger market presence? Do I need a local partner?
  • Have you assessed the risks and taken steps to protect your company and its intellectual property?
  • How will i achieve my objectives, possision, revenue and profiit expectations?
  • How I advertise? Are the promotional media that are considered essential for the participant particular industry?
  • What characteristic do potential customers look for in a vendor?
  • What are expected networking methods?
  • What is the negotiation style?
  • Do I need the operational program to support my strategy?
  • Conclusion

    Yes! Our Consultants know the answers to all above questions and provide a description of the investment context and challenges for your business considering investing abroad and support you in assessing the potential opportunities. We'll advise you on the most appropriate service to meet your needs and be most cost-effective.

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