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According to the World Bank's Ease of Doing Business Report for 2015, the UAE is one of the world's easiest places to do business in.It is also one of the most economically progressive places to do business because of its rapid economy growth, geographical location, non-restrictive regulatory and taxation environment.

Ease of Doing Business Index

Under UAE law, foreign entities interested in establishing a formal presence in the UAE have five options: create a permanent establishment, of which there are seven different types; establish a branch office; create an entity in a UAE free zone; create a civil company (only in Sharjah and Dubai); or enter into a commercial agency agreement.The UAE Commercial Companies Law (CCL) requires that each company established in the UAE has one or more UAE national partners.Which means that in the formal process of obtaining a trade licence through the Department of Economic Development you likely need to appoint a local service agent, also known as a sponsor.

Local sponsors can be individuals or locally-owned businesses. For the most part, a local sponsor will not have any responsibility towards the business but is obliged to assist with all government related procedures such as obtaining permits, trade licences, visas and labour cards. His/her signature will be required on most official forms.Al Bastaki Business Services hold responsibility for all the registration aspects of a new business, our goal is to help create and grow businesses by providing the necessary support and managment, consultancy services, feasibility studies, financial projection, financial validation, administrative and technical services.We set up a great support system, help to identify your market, provide information about the industry, choose the legal structure, get secure permits and licenses, visas for you and your employees, PRO services, opening the corporate bank accounts, find a business location or an office and develope business roadmap for your successful future.As the local company we can focus on the local circumstances in which the company is to operate and the region’s strategic objectives.Al Bastaki Business Service aims to assist each client in the development and realization of the business ideas of tomorrow. Achieving this requires vision, action, and methodological support.